Call for Entries–What’s Your Postpartum Story?

beautifulmamababyWhere are the personal stories of the harrowing, joyful, emotionally volitile, painful, time when we give our bodies over to the creation of a new body? No, I’m not talking about birth stories. Birth Stories are everywhere, especially on the Internet, whether they’re deeply introspective and poetically written or simply a blow by blow timeline. No, I’m talking about the untold Postpartum Stories. Babymoon, Fourth Trimester, there are several names for this unique time. For some women it may last a few weeks. For some, the postpartum time and its effects will linger for years.

Such a pivotal time deserves more recognition. Like birth, is it because it’s messy that we don’t tend to talk about it? Or is it that no one wants to remember? Whether your postpartum time was mainly depressed or elated, it was hard. No one gets out of it having a free ride. How much were you really prepared to take care of yourself? Did you have a large support group? Did you ever feel pressure to “bounce back?”

What is your story?

What I’m looking for:

1: 400-700 words


A. Help you had (Time off work, spouse, family to come care for you)

B. Help you wish you’d had (housekeeper, family, groceries, babysitting etc)

3: Surprises (like breastfeeding issues or ease, afterpains, stitches, period, sex,  etc)

4: Mood and hormones (Were you affected by anger, mood swings, baby blues, PPD, etc)

5: Anything specifically unique about your journey

6: Any epiphanies

7: Name and email address in your header

Ongoing Submissions Until Further Notice

Email your story with “Postpartum Story Submission” in the subject line to

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