A Mother’s Crowning

I love reading about indigenous and traditional cultures. One thing that has fascinated me throughout many different cultures are the ceremonies around women’s bodies and souls. Many of us who embrace seasonal living, ceremonial living, and celebrational living find ourselves borrowing elements from these rich traditions to bolster our bland cultural landscape. While certain traditions, songs, and rites are sacred and should not be used without initiation others seem more universal.

In the country where I live the event where a baby is expected and celebrated is often a “shower.” It’s an event usually focused on the baby, presents, games, and advice. Conspicuous by its absence is the celebration, honoring, and support of the mother and her journey.

When creating the outlines I use at The Community Wisewoman, I take great care to as simply as possible create intuitive ceremony based on the beliefs and wishes of the one being honored. Often while the ceremony for a mother-to-be is called a Blessingway (coming from the Navajo people) or a Mother’s Blessing (hearkening to early Mormon pioneers) or simply a Mother’s circle, I gave a meditation to what to call my offering.

Crowning. A crowning moment is one of great momentum and achievement. A crown of laurels honors the winner of the race. The crowning of a baby signals its imminent arrival and is often the part of childbirth most difficult to bear. It is that moment which is often referred to as a “ring of fire.” Crowning is also the moment a princess becomes a queen; it’s a status change, a rise in rank, a distinction. It’s this crowning that signals the birth a a new self.

I recently had the opportunity to serve a beautiful mama with a wonderful group of women. The evening was simple, emotionally uplifting, memorable, and deeply loving. These calm moments, showing support and love are what a pregnant woman so desperately needs. A tribe around her to assure her she can and to show her they are with her, body and spirit, during her challenge. She is crowned at the moment in her pregnancy where birth comes swiftly.

She is crowned to be Victorious.


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