Your Arvigo® Therapy Session

A completely therapeutic treatment in a comforting, beautiful setting…

To book an appointment


or call: (385) 309-0890

In your appointment we will complete…

  • A comprehensive review of your past and present healthcare needs focusing on reproductive and digestive health
  • Upper and lower abdominal
    massage to help:
    • Align reproductive and abdominal organs to optimal position
    • Improve circulation to organs
    • Promote vital flow to support the body’s inherent healing capacity
  • Evaluate of and apply of bodywork to improve alignment
    of spine
  • Instruction in self-care massage to enhance your professional session.

You may receive additional recommendations of complimentary modalities to support your health and wellness such as: castor oil packs, the use of a faja, and steam baths.

The initial session is 2.5 hours and follow-up sessions are 1.5 hours. Typically, 2-3 professional sessions (at a minimum) are required to address most conditions. Clients who perform their self-care massage on a routine basis report an improvement in their symptoms.

When you schedule your initial 2.5 hour appointment, you will receive an email with details about the appointment with any special instructions. You will also receive the client intake and health review form which you can fill out, print, and bring with you to your appointment.