Workshops and Ceremonies

The Community Wisewoman offers a variety of customized workshops, presentations, and ceremonies. If you want to host a ceremony yourself, we can help you with the planning stage to present something memorable, thorough, and special.


If you have a special event or moment you want to commemorate, contact us and we’ll tailor something just for you. Request a menu of options from

  • Pregnancy ~ Celebrate your pregnancy or that of a loved one with a Mother’s Crowning Ceremony.
  • Post-Birth ~ Birth is a time of great shift. A Blood, Milk, and Bone ceremony is nourishing, intimate, and honoring for a new mother. She is warmed, wrapped, gathered back into her own body. Special pricing available for postpartum doula clients.
  • Loss ~ Honor a pregnancy loss, loss of a loved one, or a hysterectomy and find closure with a special nourishing ceremony and massage.
  • Fertility Journey ~ Find hope in celebrating fertility and the power of the womb with a womb blessing.
  • Menarche ~ Celebrate the mark of coming-of-age with the newly menstruating young woman in your life.
  • Customized Circle ~ Gather your favorite people together for a special, meaningful evening of education, meditation, emotional release, healing, and creativity.

Curated Ceremonies start at $150. Request a customized quote for your event!


Gather a group and pick from one of our workshop curricula and Rachel will come teach it for you! Rates are $300 for a 5 hour workshop (a small materials fee per person may apply) $150 for a 2 hour class*.

  • Rising Womanhood Girls 7-13 and an adult caregiver learn about the exciting changes and challenges in store.
  • Rising Womanhood Young women 12+ learn the ins and outs of anatomy, physiology, fertility awareness and charting, supporting healthy self-autonomy, healthy body awareness, and sisterhood in this 2-day series.
  • Couples Workshop Coming Soon! This workshop can be summed up as “The class that’s all the things we wish we knew before we became sexually active.”
  • Thriving Womanhood Women 18+ Embrace your full feminine power. Gather the tools for your success story.
  • Rising Motherhood~ For planning and expectant mothers.
  • Advancing Womanhood Coming Soon! Perimenopause, whether from advancing years or from the effects of surgery are another adventure in womanhood. Learn about cherishing and accepting the adventure with grace and dignity.


Hosting an event? Invite The Community Wisewoman to speak to your group.

Repertoire of talks include

  • Health: The Abdominal Key
  • The Art of Self-Care
  • Save the Uterus
  • Sacred Circles of Support
  • Blood, Milk, and Bone: Support in a New Postpartum Paradigm

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*Outside of Utah County a mileage fee of $.25/mile will apply.