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Menarche is So Special!

Rising Womanhood One-Day Workshop (girls 7-13 and an adult caregiver)

Come explore the world of emerging womanhood. Talk about what menarche (the first menstrual period) means in your life and in cultures around the world. Learn about your amazing body and the beautiful things it can do. Explore product choices for menstrual products and begin putting together your own menarche kit so you’re ready for your special day. Participate in a women’s circle and learn about how community togetherness is one of the best parts of womanhood.

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Menarche Ceremony and Instruction Pricing for customized experiences varies.

Let us plan and provide a customized celebration for a special coming-of-age experience. Honoring the menarche is a wonderful and comforting entrance into the world of emerging womanhood. The young woman will be honored, instructed, empowered, and led into this new world she can share with the women close to her.

Rising Womanhood 2 Class Workshop (ages 14+)

Want to learn how to navigate this world of being a woman? Come and study with us in our intensive weekend workshop and discover everything you need to know to really be comfortable in your womanhood. There is great power in knowledge, and your body doesn’t have to be a mystery. The fertility cycle is beautiful and simple. Learn about your body, your cycle, your choices, and your community. Honoring Menstruation Kit and personal copy of Cycle Savvy by Toni Weschler included.

If you’re 16 or older, you’ve had some experience with this womanhood thing, but that can present its own challenges. If your experience has been stressful or traumatic, come begin your healing process. Learn all the tools you need in order to navigate your fertility (so much more than just predicting when you bleed!). We’ll talk about healthy sexual expression, pelvic floor health, and women’s circles. Honoring Menstruation Kit and personal copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler included.