The Wisewoman


Diane Solis

Thriving Womanhood 3 Class Series (Coming in 2017)

What does thriving as a woman mean? What do you need to know in order to balance your masculine and feminine energy, fully embracing and stepping into your full power? Gather the wisdom of the ages and the cultures. Fill your mind with tools to shape the future. Your future. Find your freedom. Move through the things that hold you back. Learn the lore of your body and tap her wisdom. Build a relationship with your womb.

Advancing Womanhood 2 Class Series  (Coming in 2017)

Maybe there was a moment when you knew your childbearing time was past. Maybe you’ve reached an age you consider to be a milestone. Like an adolescent, your body is about to go through changes you only begin to understand, and your culture is teaching you to ignore, prevent, or run away from your natural course. Come and learn about the rites of passage involved with leaving the childbearing years. Enter your wisewoman years able to be comfortable in your body, loving yourself, and ready to face the special new challenges life holds for you. Includes an Honoring Menopause Kit and a copy of The Seven Sacred Rites of Menopause by Kristi Meisenbach Boylan

Menopause Threshold Ceremony and Instruction (Coming in 2017)

The journey of womanhood is a flow and an ebb. This ebbing begins sometime during the childbearing years around from age 35 to 50 and lasts for many more. The journey of perimenopause and menopause special, unique, and greatly misunderstood in mainstream culture. These are the wisewoman years. The changes of the body are secondary to the changes happening in the mind and spirit. This threshold, like the thresholds of menarche and motherhood can feel overwhelming. Ceremony can help perimenopausal and menopausal women to honor, grieve, celebrate, and move through this special time.

Wisewoman Certification Program (Coming in 2017, all classes taken now will count toward certification)

“Every woman has a voice of wisdom.” That’s our motto. We will alwaysstand by it. No one person has all the wisdom, but together we have it all. If you feel the Wisewoman tradition calling you, consider applying for our Wisewoman Certification program. Choose an area of specialty, experience personal mentoring, complete the requirements, and upon completion celebrate with a wisewoman initiation ceremony honoring your accomplishments.your becoming a Community Wisewoman.

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